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Z41H-16 manual flange wedge cast iron gate valves

Z41H manual flange wedge cast iron gate valve is widely used in petroleum, diaphragmvalve, pharmaceutical, and electric power industries.

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API electric lug&wafer knife-shaped gate valves
API gate valve

Applicable medium :Paper pulp, sewage, coal slurry, ash, slag water mixture

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Pneumatic wafer knife-shaped gate valves
Electric gate valve

Applicable medium:Paper pulp, sewage, coal slurry, ash, slag water mixture

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Flange-connection Y type strainers
SY4P Type Strainer

SY4P type Y type strainer is a kind of indispensable filtration devices in medium pipeline system, Y strainer usually installed in the pressure-reducing valve,relief valve,

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Y companding pull-rod strainers
YSTF Type Strainer

YSTF type Y companding pull-rod strainer is a new design, Y strainer is combined with flex connectors, simple structure, easy to use,

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SRB series basket type strainers
SRB strainer

The SRB series basket strainer is the small equipment, which remove liquid containing small solids, protection of compressor, pump and other equipment and instruments normal work,

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Electric metal hard-sealed wafer butterfly valves
D973H butterfly valve

D973H electric matel hard-sealed butterfly valve is applicable to the automatic pipeline of water, steam, oil, air, gas and other different media,

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Electric speed control butterfly valves
DV942X butterfly valves

As a new generation of speed control butterfly valve, the design of DV942X / H Electric Speed Control Valve has changed the traditional mode of relying on mechanical transmission to complete the disc switches speed change。

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Lug butterfly valves
D341H butterfly valve

D341H-10C API lug butterfly valve is a new high performance product developed by engineering and technical personnel。 Its performance has been at the advanced level,

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